There’s more to a successful website than a ‘pretty face.’ But you wouldn’t know that until you’ve had to pay the price for an unsuccessful, troublesome website.

Hand-drawn illustration indicating the signals your website sends to humans and machines.

Much of what goes on between your website and your audience depends on how well the website code is written. All too often, new site owners don’t find this out until they have to hire an online marketing professional —…

woman counting out cash

All budgeting apps will help you figure out the logistics of how to support yourself and your family. The app I want to build does this and takes the natural, human ebb and flow of motivation into account. It is based on visualizing hope for one’s financial future rather than…

When ‘psychological knowledge’ is outlawed, only the outlaws have ‘psychological knowledge.’

‘Psychological knowledge,’ in this case, doesn’t mean knowing the depths of your childhood traumas. It means knowing the hidden, robotic reactions that are programmed into every single human being. It means knowing how these predictabilities play out in ourselves…

Pence got away with a powerful linguistic trick twice within the first few minutes of the Vice-Presidential debates. What if Senator Harris had confronted the tricks instead of having to pretend Pence was actually debating issues?

Image of a generic figure with swirly, hypnotic eyeglasses

Conflating ‘Trump’ with ‘the American People’

Harris criticized Trump’s handling of the coronavirus and Pence responded by saying, with astounding…

Christine L Golden

Coding a better world with stories. Coding better websites through CLGolden Website Services.

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