Here We Go, Onward Into 2023

Christine L Golden
5 min readJan 2, 2023

When I envision the current year and decade, it looks like some very old, well-entrenched systems are being clearly seen, re-evaluated and objected to by more people than ever.

A diagram depicting the fall of some very old systems and the simultaneous rise of new paradigm all happening in this decade.

The following article is a high-level collection of the observations, ideas and personal opinions that are informing my vision of this transformational decade.

The Patriarchy

My opinion: If you can’t effectively manage a household, you have no business managing a world.

I was delighted to see Helen Keller had a similar, thoughtful take on this with her essay for ‘perplexed businessmen’ found in The Atlantic.

I agree with the comments I’ve heard lately that there is no such thing as a ‘Matriarchy’, as in ‘women are in charge’ or ‘on top’. That term was coined by the patriarchy (because, hey, what isn’t?) to scare its members and inspire hatred. Matrilineal societies tend to be egalitarian–it’s the feminine way. And I don’t see any other way human beings can survive as a species, let alone thrive.

The Economy



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