Marketing Mondays

Christine L Golden
4 min readMar 20, 2023

How I’m using AirTable to be more consistent with my marketing.

AirTable database setup for logging business marketing posts

I’m a believer in the idea that small business marketing, especially local marketing doesn’t have to be brilliant, with high-end, professional graphics and spellbinding copy.

Original and Consistent

But it can’t be haphazard or rote, either. The best solution is for local business marketing to be original and consistent.

Being original means conveying what is actually going on in your business–not clichés, not imitations and not constant blasts of excitement.

People like to do business with real people.

Like many of the real people I know, I’ve always considered my ideas for business posts to be too ordinary, too boring, already obvious. But then I remember that I’ve found the best tools for work from other people’s ordinary posts. I’ve found answers for obscure web development problems in the simple notes of fellow developers who will never know how much they helped me. And maybe most important, I’ve learned things because someone shared a little tip or process that other people take for granted.

So now I’m convinced. The content of my everyday posts may be just the thing for someone out there. The point, really, is to find a part of myself that has good will towards my audience



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