When ‘psychological knowledge’ is outlawed, only the outlaws have ‘psychological knowledge.’

Chemical Reactions

We can easily begin with what is often referred to as the ‘reptile mind.’ Besides the well-known flight or fight reactions to perceived danger, these also include freeze and fawn reactions.

Obedience to Authority

Are you familiar with the Milgram experiments that measured how much pain one person was willing to inflict on another — because they were told to by someone they perceived as an authority? Grown men collapsed and wept under the weight of their compassion, and still, they pushed the button.

Infectious Enthusiasm

Here’s a favorite of salespeople, and religious zealots. Have you ever found yourself being ‘swept away’ by another person’s emotional exuberance? You know this is an intentional sales tactic, right? It’s taught in sales schools, and it why salespeople need to ‘psych themselves out’ before a call or presentation. Because, really, who’s that enthusiastic all the time?

Being Human

Don’t think it’s easy to have agency. People often say, ‘Don’t give your power away,’ but that assumes agency is an act of will. It’s more complicated than that. Indeed, the forces against choosing for oneself are ancient, biological and global.

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