Why I’m Developing Another Budgeting App

Christine L Golden
4 min readJul 11, 2021
woman counting out cash
Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

All budgeting apps will help you figure out the logistics of how to support yourself and your family. The app I want to build does this and takes the natural, human ebb and flow of motivation into account. It is based on visualizing hope for one’s financial future rather than imagining the spectre of dire consequences or feeling the failure of straying from the goal.

For now, I’m calling the app BudgetForward.

If you have a good buffer in your bank account, BudgetForward may not, at first glance, be useful to you. For one thing, it relies on manually entering your expenses and income.

BudgetForward is primarily for people who are low on funds, chronically or temporarily, and who want to change that. People who are finally ready to get serious about their finances are taught to get thoroughly familiar and to stay familiar, with what they are spending. You know how those subscriptions can pile up and be forgotten, right? Manual data entry is a way to get the sensory exercise needed for awareness.

BudgetForward could be useful to people with higher bank balances. On occasion, many people feel the need to re-evaluate and simplify their financial situation. The app will provide a good way to do that and to visualize different scenarios for the future.

How the idea began



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